Fast & Furious

Marketers using internet tools are “stacking up” or “integrating” their processes. Essentially connecting content, advertising, social media, automation, CRM and analytics together. Integration is not new, it goes back to early Google AdWords and Analytics use (AdWords 2000, Analytics 2005) in blogging. Yet the term “full-stack” is a recent one (2012, Growth Hackers ~ 2015, LinkedIn post). What is new is the almost absolute need for integration and orchestration of marketing channels. Strong use of social media, smart phones and content marketing is once again pushing marketers faster and with more ferocity. Email and blog marketing is losing attention to social media and integration.

Marketing Platforms Offering Full Stack

Lets start with examples from different companies offering full stack marketing. Google’s marketing platform is not called “full stack” but it does offer tight integration. Hubspot calls theirs approach “growth stack” and has an interesting view called “product creep” (stealth quiet marketing complexity increase). LinkedIn focuses on best practices and advertising (and content) training. This in an attempt to help marketers benefit from LinkeIn’s professional social ecosystem. WordPress does not promote full stack marketing directly. As the largest publishing (CMS) platform integration to marketing tools is their story. Hootsuite does not call it “full stack” yet gives great overview for social media. Like LinkedIn, Hootsuite shows marketers the benefit of social media with other tools to create your own full stack.

Fast Changes in Marketing: Full Stack Solution

Today’s digital communication growth is faster then ever. Full stack marketing is a solution to both integrate and increase work effectiveness. While growth in one channel means more writing and analysis, growth in many channels demands a different approach. Adding mobile social media channel is almost a necessary step today. Integrating messages and extending functionality in the work on multiple channels is critical to increase efficiency and content reuse. Other fast change solutions are used in the full stack paradigm as well (content, networking, direct).

Furious Changes: Deadly Sometimes

In some market segments, depending on the customer audience, new marketing channels take over with ferocity. In US politics, both Trump and Obama were called the “Twitter president”. This is in a few years where Arianna Huffington’s Huffpost blog shifted audience from TV to the internet. This is in a conservative sector, not fashion, not technology, not even general news. Why is Twitter working so well in politics and blogging slowly shrinking? This question is true for many business sectors. The shift to fast, short messages, mostly on mobile phones, mostly short updates (not just news), is furious now (2019). We see many companies and marketers unable to keep up with the changes. This is a sign of not too fast but too big or too sharp).

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