Full-Stack: Not Just Integration

In today’s fast moving digital landscape, terms (words, descriptions) are borrowed, invented and used erroneously. Different views of our new world and different reality from each point of view, are the culprit. The term full-stack came from internet application programming (W3C definition). You can pick your own technical definition of full-stack programming (or developer) and apply it to marketing work. As in the technical work, full-stack is not simply running applications and connecting them together (integration). It’s knowing how applications work together and solving marketing challenges. Essentially building funnels, campaigns, customer journeys and measurement for improvement systems and running them. (this is my definition here)

Simple Integration: Building on Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation describes the email marketing (newsletters, landing pages, list management) from the 1990s. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot and many mail services are essentially an automated system to subscribe, send bulk messages and manage mailing lists. The term Marketing Automation is dated (1990s ~ 2000s). Because of the fast and sweeping new marketing technologies (and products), we see it as dated (old). Also, both marketing providers and consumers have shifted to new format, now we are seeing preference to other formats (social media, mobile). This gradual shift in the last twenty years shows the progress of marketers as our consumer digital landscape grows. Full-stack marketing can be based on traditional marketing automation products. This makes marketing automation products a useful part or even a core of a full-stack marketing operation.

Full-Stack Marketers both use marketing automation (add features, integration) and replace them with different tools. This is especially true in mobile application and in content marketing focused situations. Mobile content (sites) and apps have not integrated mail systems as older sites (CMS, WordPress) tools have done. This is a shift which marketing is seeing follows the preference of millennials for messaging apps (WhatsApp, We Chat, Telegram, Facebook messanger). If you need to add features to your mail marketing automation system, full-stack marketers can help. If you want to transition to new products or flows, this can be prototyped and tested quickly. Transitioning to new marketing features and capabilities is a critical capability full-stack marketers bring to business.

Simple Integrated Products: Saleforce, Pardot, Hubspot & Google

Another simple integration from traditional digital marketing is sales (CRM) with mailing list, advertising and analytics. Salesforce is a popular traditional sales and customer management platform (CRM). Essentially gives sales and support specialists one system to qualify, target, contact and manage communication. CRM systems today specialize in different functions and have many different capabilities. Saleforce started out as an online contact management application (they touted “no software” than “cloud” as their differentiator). While Hubspot was targeted at websites and blogs and became WordPress plugin and extension. Google’s focus on online advertising and analytics has changed how we market especially using paid advertising (PPC). Much like marketing automation (email) Full-stack marketing operations can start out with CRM and extend with additional features. In today’s landscape, mobile and private messaging is critical to sales funnels. The integration of CRM systems with new formats is critical to some market sectors. If you want to add integration or move from one system to a new full-stack operation, these are areas where full-stack marketer can provide good service.

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