How to build a startup brand in Social Media? (from zero)

Today’s digital marketing and business development landscape are changing product introduction. It is also very useful in engaging early adopters. Unlike traditional virtual digital marketing, this area is actually used by salespeople. Essentially becoming the sales sourcing technique.

A content strategy:

Social media content is similar to long-form content (blogs, site pages, marketing collateral) but it does not have the depth. Essentially you have to tell s mini-story. Essentially take a blog article, a product feature or a sales message (i.e. call to action) and summarize in two to three sentences. There are two driving forces in today’s social media brevity. The first is simply too much information in every product sector. This means as humans we need the news short. Once we get the short messages we can decide where to get more. The second is the architecture of mobile devices and applications. Mobile phones are actually the most useful communication devices available. These two factors require marketers to write many short messages as a content strategy.

Network strategy:

The newest communication architecture change is the network. For the first time, each individual can build their own network. Especially in the large networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. The content format depends on your audience and connectivity. Building networks seems vague at first. People have asked me: why would someone connect with me? How will I get to a network of 10,000 connections? Then they start looking carefully at other people’s networks and content and realize that this is the norm today. As people, we love to be connected. We love to be connected to people with influence or information. Simply put, we are networking animals, and Twitter on the phone is a perfect solution for a company to become known.

Message strategy:

Some companies have a big or unique message. A new product or a feature that is designed to solve a problem. This message has to be told. But, most people don’t pay attention to new messages. Unless the message comes from someone we trust, or we are looking for the solution you are offering, people will not hear (or listen) to that message. In today’s over-hyped media world, we simply each message. If we know what our target buyer needs, we write (or speak) in his words. Essentially, we become the answer to a problem. If we have a new idea, we need to go to the people who are looking for new ideas. In today’s world where digital technology is changing everything, there are plenty of listeners.

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