When Everything Moves Fast: Velocity

One of the hardest and most frustrating feeling today is speed of change. Not just the internet work but how it influences everything else. The way we communicate in business is simply moving faster all the time. The mobile device has changed how quickly we see personal communication. Social media has changed how we network (connect, interact) with communities. Ubiquitous networking (WiFi, free connectivity) is making communication and publishing essentially free. The trend is for everyone to have everything: digital writing, voice and audio, video and especially mobile social media. This is true with technologists, marketers and even more with media people (photography, music, talk show). Simply put, we are probably in an era similar to the printing revolution right after the renaissance in Europe.

How Do You Fit With Network Speed?

In order to handle this change in velocity, you need to first accept this fact personally. If you can accept this on individual personal terms, you can start benefiting from the way we work today. Essentially focus on reading, listening and understanding quickly. Then focus on responding to what you can respond. If you can only do this on a single social media app (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn) or just read a few blogs in your specialty area, that will be a start. If you want to see more of what is available in your work area, do that with focus. The first thing you will notice is how quickly targeted messages and content moves. Once you do that, it will give you an idea how you can benefit and work with your goals. Essentially get to feel how you respond in terms of time. This will also give you an idea what the other side expects. The time between two people depends on many things. Each person will have her/his own time perspective. Don’t read too much into this.

What is the Acceptable Speed in Your Sector?

The speed which communication runs in each sector and channel is not hard to estimate. Look at the comments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If the response time is quick, essentially minutes, and dies in a few hours, don’t try to comment days later. The interaction is gone to another topic (Tweet, Post). The nature of some people is to get back to you in minutes. While others will take days. Regardless of what you want, one policy is to go with what you know. In general, reaction times are going down in every sector and with younger and more enthusiastic workers and managers, reaction time depends on how quickly they work.


The Techcrunch tweet about their 2019 yearly report got a few comments. But certainly not as much as one from Elon Musk or Bill Gates, with hundreds or thousands of comments and likes. This is a narrow niche sub-sector, startup funding yearly review. Some of the comments are a bit off-color. Take this into account if you don’t want to hear from people who are not interested in your posts.

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