What CxOs Want to Know?

When you interview or hire a digital marketer what should you ask? What will help a digital marketer? Should you just ask for “more clicks” or “steady flow of leads”? Should you ask for content or great looking site? or do you want to be a “social media influencer”?  or do you want to have “a great running digital operation”? Essentially when you start you can make a huge mistake and direct a new professional or a team in the wrong direction. You will end up not where you want to be. Missing on business and not really getting what you need now is not helpful.

Tell Your New Manager What You Really Need

Telling a professional what you really need sounds silly, but it isn’t. There are many goals to target and you can’t do everything at once. When you start even with someone who knows your product sector you usually don’t know who are you digital competitor (these are not product or technology competitors necessarily). You also don’t know if you can write a blog post per day or if it takes two weeks. You also may not know what is your ability to build a network of followers. Essentially when you don’t know you have to explore, try and correct direction.

Start by simply telling everyone what is your situation. If you need to train your staff to build a digital marketing operation make this your first goal. If you have content written by technical staff, lay it out and publish it. If you need to develop a message about your product, start with that. Don’t tell someone that “I just need a great mobile site” while really wanting “to get leads and make money”. There is no shame in starting late or having a competitor who is writing better or networking productively to the market. There is no shame in having a staff that does not know how to run different digital assets. But missing the opportunity because you are not in sync with your digital marketer is a shame.

Focus on What You Can Do

This sounds simple, yet most executives tend to have still see “embarrassed” executives writing their own blog posts. This is a problem that you can easily correct. If you just want to formulate the top message do so. Let the technical specialist work on the SEO and the writing style. Let the social media experts analyze the trends in your sector and write the text. If you want to reach a certain audience, like CxOs in your field, start with that statement. If you need to compare product competitors, ask for a small survey of other people’s strategies and tactics. This may help you start. The biggest failure, in my opinion, is not enough high-level discussions. Digital today is a critical part of your communication, even if you get a few pages or a social media account started, you can still moving forwards.

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