KPI Fever: What to Measure

Digital marketing is full of measurable parameters. The term KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is used today to describe the one parameter which will make a difference. Essentially improve one measurable factor and the overall result will be wonderful. Each of us wants to find the one factor which will make the overall great result. Yet it’s more complicated than measuring only one parameter. KPI measures are dynamic, essentially they need to change as our work grows. Starting out with expectations on the number of blog visitors can be

We have so much data, from analytics and conversion data, to social media numbers. Once we run any operation, especially campaigns, we want to show good results. If we have a “sales funnel” or are prospecting for leads, we look at the journey results. Each step in the path to getting a successful action, we try to measure.  But what are “good results”? The measures we track and report change all the time. What was considered a critical KPI last year is not useful today. What was considered “good enough” last quarter usually don’t mean much when something changes. This is especially true in today’s fast changing digital marketing sector. Trends change our landscape on a daily basis. In the early 2,000’s blogging we were looking for more comments. Looking back these comments indirectly affected our SEO and gave us a big boost on Google. But eventually Google caught up with us.

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