Explore: My Digital Landscape


Today’s digital landscape covers the whole globe. It also covers almost everything we do (in the west) and almost everything we consume (globally). This vastness gives us the ability to explore. Unfortunately, there are no real maps of all the information. Every market sector and product category have their own content and networks. Also, due to our changing lives, the landscape changes constantly. When you start, this is a great way to get a wide picture.

Starting Out: Mapping the Landscape

When you start with a new product or feature, you usually have your own view of your landscape. But this is not reality. You don’t know who is actively reading in your specific area of interest. You can figure out search results using Google keyword tool, this will give you the most searched terms. If you are going to manage or use social media, native search and seeing who the site returns (searching inside the app. If you go direct sending emails (marketing automation) you can send out a pole. If your target audience is geographically focused, you can also focus on using search tools. Essentially starting out is an opportunity to gain basic information on the activity and status of your

Cloud Computing Services in Israel

One of the best way to demonstrate mapping and exploring is to use a real life example. Recently I met a few companies looking for cloud solutions customers in Israel. This covers a large range of customers. The overall market is small. Usually, companies that offer specific services like integration, customization, and professional services of mainstream platforms need this specific geographical mapping. Even with traditional face to face selling, sales organizations want to use digital tools. This is especially true with the use of professional networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. These networks have large participation from both business and technical individuals looking for updates and informal local news. Here are a few starting steps to take:

Top platforms offering cloud computing in Israel? Besides the top global offerings (AWS, Azure, GCP) there are large software and IT providers (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM-Red Hat). Smaller platforms from local and ISPs can also be useful if you are looking for local leads (Hadera paper, Wix, 888 Gaming).

Top IT and technology companies and their offers: if you have a list of the top companies (i.e. Matrix, EMT computing) you can see what is their offerings. This takes time and will give you a competitive landscape. If you see a known company from a strong market sector, such as large startups, you can go to similar companies and show them what your competitors are doing.

Influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter in this sector: here the search is a little more difficult. There are plenty of social media influencers in technology, but specific ones for cloud services are harder to pinpoint. This means you need to actually search people’s profiles and target them directly. While contacting people directly seems a drudge, LinkedIn and Twitter use can be focused and the results will be good.


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