Corona Virus and Content


We are just getting into the global fears of the Corona Virus panic. It’s early March 2020 and airlines are feeling the impact of travel restrictions. In the technology marketing world, travel restrictions for trade shows and customer visits are a showstopper. Some companies, especially early in the sales cycle (when a product is new) rely heavily on person-to-person sales. This is especially true in startups with enterprise products. This combination of factors, makes the startup scene in Israel a good case for shift to content marketing.

Danger, Panic, and Then Opportunity

Our first instinct is sometimes fear. Today it’s the fear of losing direct contact with customers and prospects, then losing business with them. But this is actually the second step in a series of steps with fear, opportunity and mostly new work. While we do like to meet people face-to-face, today this option is quickly changing and disappearing. In the enterprise technology marketing world this could be a complete business apocalypse. Yet, we can look at this as a huge opportunity. This idea of “complete destruction” or “complete change” being an opportunity, is quoted:

The reason most people do not recognize an opportunity when they meet it is because it usually goes around wearing overalls and looking like Hard Work {sometimes attributed to Henry Ford or Henry Dodd}

What does this almost complete stoppage of business travel have to do with content marketing? Almost everything will for a short time “become digital”. This means communication globally between technologists and their customers. This change is abrupt and forced. Most companies and people which have not been able to shift business (especially sales and marketing) to completely digital formats, will suffer. These who are essentially completely digital still have to compete with others. Companies without developed digital resources will compete for these resources. This means some content marketers will be in demand. Here in Israel in the hi-tech sector, we can see a spike in both demand and even spending. But it will be short. If you are looking for digital content marketers, get your resources taken care of now (it’s my two cents advice).

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