For the last twenty years our work has been in helping individual managers with content, WordPress technology, social media and overall digital transitions. Since the beginning, when Blogger was new and people wanted to “become digital” we realized that for many people, transition is the big hurdle (transformation for companies). Once a manager understands both the need and benefits of the work. Even if you don’t write and analyze (use Google or Twitter Analytics) yourself, you will gain confidence. Once you start seeing results, you will also gain business appreciation to your digital potential. This is what we do, sometimes one manager at the time, sometimes with small teams, sometimes with a company (technology startups in Israel).

We offer a range of services to help you achieve your desired result. Our first concept is called “nano-tasks” these are an introduction to our capability. Each task is a link in a chain of full-stack marketing flow. Our flow goes like this: explore where is your target buyer? (What, Why, How, Where, When, Who), analyze your specific digital domain: (map situation), plan task (define work), plan your digital operation (document your overall concept), test or create a demo element result (first and second try), practice a few times (see how a few examples work), cycle through one full task (create the first instance), finally deploy the task in the organization (make it a standard operating procedure).


What? Why? How? Where? When is needed? How realistic is it, do you have examples, what are your expectations? More on services component page.


Map, compare and suggest actions to start the task. Explain the situation and a solution to achieve the task. More on services component page.


Create a detailed work plan. Describe the work, desired results. Estimate effort, time and cost.   More on services component page.


Build a small example, a few test pages or one campaign. Test your abilities to do the task.


Duplicate or extend the test work. Can you actually do it a few times? Can you do it on a bigger scale?


Build the one task into your operation. Start using the work as a part the business.